Summer is the time of highly-anticipated rest. The sun is burning hot, the serotonin and vitamin D levels explode, and people put their coats and jackets back into the closet to embrace the comfort and pleasure of shorts and t-shirts. Even now, during the pandemic, most of the population still considers summer to be the best time for relaxation. According to ValuePenguin, 73% of Americans have summer travel plans, and that’s a radical jump from last year’s 53%. 

Would you like to have a perfect time in summer? Take care of your safety with our quick safety tips. They are easy to follow and may save your life.

Summer Risks to Be Aware Of

This time of the year is so full of new experiences and places that it is easy to forget the essential summer safety tips. Burning sun, dehydration, travel risks, insects, COVID, and the overall absence of daily physical activities are only a few risks that can turn these three months into a disaster. That’s why we at Chinn Urology gathered the best summer safety tips that will help you avoid dangers and make your vacation a little bit better.

Top 10 Summer Safety Tips to Follow

#1. Prepare your first aid kit

You never know what can cause trouble during summer trips. Those may be high temperatures, insects, headaches, etc. Hence, a first aid kit remains the most important among many other summer safety tips and is a must-have element of your traveling bag. You’ll need several things:

  • Benadryl is one of the best counter medications against hives, insect bites, and related allergic reactions. 
  • Ibuprofen(or alternative) – painkillers are a must, especially due to burning hot weather that can only intensify the pain. Whether it’s a random head or a stomach ache, having a pack of meds is crucial for any accidents.
  • Antiseptic. Alcohol-based medication can clean wounds before first aid procedures.
  • Bandages. If the wound is not that serious, some alcohol and a bandage can solve the issue even without a medical degree.
  • Sunblock. Summer weather can cause sunburns, especially when you least expect it. We recommend using sunblock to ensure your safety while at the beach or the playground.

#2. Be sure to have some cash

Travel may take you to different places and put you in unexpected circumstances. Unfortunately, NFC and credit cards are not the best option in many corners of the modern world, so never hesitate to bring some cash for a trip.

#3. Don’t forget about COVID

Among other summer safety tips, we remind you about a global pandemic that is still happening somewhere in the background. Here are some quick safety tips: 

  • Maintain a safe distance
  • Wear a mask in public places
  • Don’t forget to ventilate your space
  • Clean your hands often with the help of a sanitizer
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough
  • Stay home if you feel unwell

It may be a real frustration to cancel your vacation because of a virus nobody even remembers about, but COVID still mutates and is still dangerous, so please take care of your safety and the safety of those around you.

#4. Maintain physical activity

Our brain is a complicated mechanism that always tries to optimize our mental and physical resources. That’s why when vacation time starts, people may remember all of the summer safety tips and still forget about their physical health. Sport is vital for your well-being, especially if you want to feel relaxed and rested. The gym may be too hot this time of year, so grab a bike or put your sneakers on and do some cardio. It does not require much, and you can still enjoy the weather outside and enter September in great shape.

#5. Stay hydrated 

Always stay hydrated. Not only is the temperature high, summer travel with friends often leads the way to pubs and bars, so the absence of fluid in your body can turn your evening into quite an unpleasant experience. A bottle of water is not that heavy, but it will make you feel better, speed up your metabolism, and hydrate your body. If water is too blunt for one’s exquisite taste, fruits cost less than usual this time of the year, and juices are sold at each corner.

#6. Keep track of your sleep

Long summer days, constant movement, acclimatization, and high temperatures may mess up the sleep regime. Which quick safety tips can help? Wake up at specific times, reduce short and irregular long naps, drink your coffee in the first half of the day, and reduce laptop and smartphone usage as it exposes you to too much blue light. If that doesn’t work, try to get rid of unhealthy habits, take melatonin supplements and vitamin complex, or visit a doctor. Our summer safety tips can guide you, but we can hardly provide professional medical help.

#7. Swim, but do it smart

Summer vacations usually happen near an ocean or sea, so swimming is inevitable. Swimming alone may be thrilling and adventurous, but if you only swim once a year, a more experienced friend should back you up. Don’t swim in inappropriate places, don’t try doing backflips in shallow waters, and don’t try doing that drunk. Also, make sure that the water quality lets you dive in without negatively impacting your health.

#8. Be wary of insects

Using insect repellent may save you from a lot of health issues. Bug sprays are cheap and accessible but will eventually get rid of discomfort. Buying at least one remains one of the most crucial summer safety tips.

#9. Make sure you have GPS

Modern smartphones make travel more effortless than ever. As mentioned in one of the previous articles, having a GPS tracker is essential, especially for solo travelers. If you are lost, you can use the safe walk app GPS tracker feature, send your location to friends or family, or try to analyze your location to find a way back.

#10. Use a panic button app

Despite obvious summer safety tips, many people forget about their physical safety. Yet you’d better use personal safety apps with a panic button to stay connected with your friends and family in emergencies. The modern safety app market can offer many options.

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Last Update: 23 March 2024