Meeting your soulmate may be difficult in a modern world of shallow relationships and busy life. Therefore, people choose more convenient alternatives for finding new friends and romance like Tinder. This dating app has almost 8 million users in the US only, followed by Bumble, POD, and others.

Today we’ll talk about why people use dating apps and how to ensure safety during a Tinder date. 

Why People Use Dating Apps

Dating apps have become extremely widespread recently, with about 25 million US citizens using them. They have changed the way we look at dating and treat relationships.

Let’s face it, our rhythm of life dramatically differs from what our parents had. The popularity of terms like “time management” and “workforce optimization” only proves that life is the fastest it’s ever been. No wonder people don’t have enough time to go on dates and get close in real life. 

That’s the reason why dating apps and services appear. They are a safe platform where you can get some pics of your romantic interest, read information about them, write a text message, and swipe left if you don’t like what you see. It saves a lot of time, doesn’t it? You also keep a lot of privacy and don’t have to approach strangers on the streets to find someone.

Why Has Tinder Won Users?

Online dating has been with us since the beginning of the Internet. In the pre-Tik-Tok age, the Internet already had services like Finding a life partner on the DOS-epoch web visited by significantly fewer users sounded insane. Everything changed when the commercially successful “You’ve Got Mail” movie came out, making online dating much more appealing in western society. The idea of finding a partner online was becoming increasingly popular as the Internet grew. Instant messaging, online dating websites and social media have made it easier than ever.

Tinder and its alternatives have taken everything from their predecessors and made online dating quick, free, and algorithm-based. Tinder optimizes dating, turning it into a single swipe and a couple of text messages. It exploded so hard that, according to Stanford, meeting online has become the most popular way to connect among US couples. It can meet all your expectations, from casual hookups to serious relationships or finding friends to chill with at the weekend. 

All you have to do is install the app, add some appealing photos of yourself with a hilarious profile bio, and here you go on your first Tinder safe date. Now all people you would never meet unless you are in a romcom are in front of your eyes.

Some may conclude that an addictive swiping app where you choose people you’ve never seen before to meet and have a chat about Netflix is a bad idea. Theoretically, it doesn’t sound good, but the research may prove you wrong. The study shows that Tinder users are more extroverted than non-users and thus have a higher probability of forming romantic relationships. Yet the safety of Tinder dates remains a problem.

Tinder and Safety Concerns

As obvious as it may be, you are never 100% sure who you will meet. This applies to many scenarios. Di Caprio’s smile and Ryan Gosling’s physique in the profile photos may lead to a disappointment of different scales in real-life meetings. Even worse, potentially dangerous scammers and stalkers of all sorts are regular guests on the Internet. That’s why the question “Are Tinder dates safe” is one of the most popular Google searches related to online dating.

So what are Tinder’s methods to control the safety of its users? Well, the short answer is there are many, but none of them guarantee a Tinder-safe date. The official list of Safety & Policy states that Tinder:

  • Uses automatic profile scans for red-flag language and images
  • Manually reviews suspicious profiles, activity, and user-generated reports
  • Shadow bans suspicious profiles
  • Blocks suspicious emails, IP addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Requires real photos

These sound serious, and we have no doubts that Tinder safe dates are a general concern within the company’s policy. The problem is that these methods can’t be effective in many cases. There is no strict definition of a suspicious account, banning primarily depends on user reports, and there is no chance to verify every account with a vast user base.

What Are the Dangers of Online Dating?

There are no general statistics of Tinder harassment and abuse for every region, but we all know that people may have different intentions, so you must take your safety into your own hands.

First of all, remember that your chats, data, and personal information you send to strangers is not private. Moreover, it can be hacked, fished, or used against you for blackmailing purposes.

Secondly, your physical safety is at risk. Popular Tinder horror stories aren’t as usual as mass media tries to show, but still, don’t neglect your safety when going on a date. You never know who’s going to meet you at the bar, and it is impossible to recognize someone’s true intentions when scrolling through their profile. 

10 Tips On a Tinder Safe Date

Your safety is your responsibility, so you must take precautions to date online safely. Here are some tips for a Tinder-safe date:

#1. Check their social media

We live online and date online, so finding your potential match on social media is a good idea. Tinder is tightly integrated with Facebook and thus Instagram. Everyone has an account on these platforms, so check their recent activity, the number of friends, and interactions. Fake accounts usually have very few followers, fake profile pictures, and few posts. 

#2. Chat for at least several days

Try to chat with your date, gather some information, and ask about hobbies, jobs, and potentially triggering questions. While chatting won’t tell you much about the personal qualities of the date, you will be able to spot strange behavior and make an informed choice about the future meeting.

#3. Make sure your match has realistic profile pictures

Realistic photos are a good sign. Many Tinder users have professional photos on their profiles to attract more attention and look convincing. It means that your match is ready to be themselves on a first date and is a real person. Starting a video chat is a good alternative.

#4. Meet in public for a Tinder-safe date

Meeting in public is an obvious requirement in any guide on a Tinder safe date, and we’ve already discussed why it is so important. Public meetings minimize the risk of an assault. So choose a restaurant of your taste, meet in the center of your town, and leave before it gets dark.

#5. Don’t be shy to leave

Leaving a date won’t look nice, but if you have certain doubts about your match, being impolite is better than being hurt. Look closely at how this person behaves, treats staff, and communicates with you.

#6. Don’t send your money to strangers

Asking for money on a dating app is NOT okay. Don’t send your money, personal, and credit card information to people online. It is painfully apparent when you think about it, but we are not as fraud-proof as we believe. The effectiveness of fishing and social engineering only proves that.

#7. Avoid drinking alcohol on a first date

Alcohol may help to feel relaxed during the first meeting, but having too much will only leave a negative first impression. This may also endanger you and fog your mind. So you’d better drink water and eat salads. Moreover, a sober Tinder date is a Tinder safe date. 

#8. Let Someone Know About Your Plans For the Evening

When going on a Tinder date, don’t forget to tell somebody about your plans. It is not necessary to say that it will be a Tinder date. Just share the information that can be useful in a dangerous situation. It is always a good idea to notify your emergency contact and ask them to check on you in the evening.

#9. Don’t Let Anyone Pick You Up

Picking you up is undoubtedly polite, but we recommend restricting yourself from such rides, at least on the first several dates. You never know whether you can trust this person, so they’d better not know where you live or work. Choose public transport options, take an Uber, or drive your car.

#10. Get a panic button app for a Tinder-safe date

Installing a safety app with an emergency alarm minimizes the risk of an assault. You can ensure your safety by taking pepper spray or a taser, but having somebody who will help at a touch of a panic button is much more effective. Safety apps are generally a good recommendation for anyone who takes care of themselves.

Final Thoughts

Dating is as complex and demanding as human relationships may get. We hope that you remain secure when searching for the one and only partner and that our short guide on how to be safe on a Tinder date will help you with it.  

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Last Update: 23 March 2024