The idea of walking home alone in pitch darkness is scary enough. But what if you’re alone and there’s no one else around? What if you’re in a neighborhood where other people are afraid to walk at night?

Fear of walking at night overwhelms peoples’ minds every day. The majority of people feel unsafe walking late at night without company. Moreover, when walking late at night, safety is perceived differently by gender. Women are more afraid to walk alone at night than men for evident reasons.

Can’t figure out how to stay safe at night as a woman? This article will take you through 7 safe walk apps to help you walk safe to your destination and a few tips to follow when afraid to walk alone at night.

7 Best Safe Walk Apps for Enhanced Street Safety

If you’re thinking about how to not be scared walking alone at night, start by downloading a safety app and carrying your phone during night walks.

Here are the seven best street safety apps you should give a try:

1. bSafe

Bsafe is an innovative security app built by a father and a daughter in response to a sexual assault that happened to her. The app can help users prevent physical assault and rape by warning friends and family and collecting evidence if something dreadful happens. 

bSafe features voice activation, auto recordings, and activates fake calls to help get out of risky situations. You can also turn on the Follow Me function if you want your loved ones to follow your movement.

2. Life360

The Life360 app is a great security tool to keep family members together. It helps track users’ location and driving safety, sends place alerts for location changes, and stores your location history intact.

With Life360, you can keep your family safe and connected in a private, invite-only circle. You can also sync your family members’ real-time locations so they can monitor each other.

3. Shake2Safety

You probably know how hard unlocking your phone in an emergency can be. Shake2Safety is an app for safety when walking alone. As the name suggests, shaking your phone triggers the app to send an emergency SMS with your location. The good news is that you don’t need an internet connection to send an alert.

4. UrSafe

UrSafe safety app is a choice for people looking for high-quality security features. It is one of the best options that integrate with 911. So you can be sure that any emergency will be handled quickly and efficiently. 

The app has many features designed to ensure your safety, including the Follow Me feature that enables you to keep an eye on your contact in emergencies; a panic button; and safewords, which trigger the alerts.

5. Walksafe

This safety app ensures you walk safe and reach your destination on time. It warns you of risky areas and marks dangerous routes for planning a safer route for your night strolls. 

With WalkSafe, you’ll always know where you’re safe and how to get home safely. The WalkSafe Map displays police and WalkSafe community reports of dangers, including knife crimes, mugging, and sexual assault. It allows you to be proactive about your safety.

6. One Scream

One Scream is a hands-free safety app that can be triggered by your scream or keyword. The app is effective and operates no matter where you keep the phone. One Scream alerts your contacts after 20 seconds if you don’t cancel it. It then allows your protectors to listen to real-time events and provide help.

7. AllsWell Alert

We saved the best for last. The AllWellAlert safe walk app alerts your preselected emergency contacts in an emergency. The app combines a panic button with inactivity monitoring to detect medical and physical emergencies after user inactivity for a predetermined period. 

This way, you or your loved ones can send emergency alerts without pressing the panic button. It’s a big plus if a person cannot use the panic button (e.g., in case of being kidnapped).

Tips To Stay Safe When Walking Alone at Night

Personal safety starts with you. Unfortunately, personal safety apps will never keep you safe if you don’t protect yourself first. That said, here are a few tips to stay safe when walking alone at night: 

Familiarize with Your Planned Routes

Do you know how to not be scared walking alone at night? Study your routes during the day to avoid getting lost at night. Familiarizing yourself with your planned route is an excellent way to know what to expect if you decide to walk alone at night, especially if you have just moved to a new place.

Share Your Location with Someone You Trust

Always inform someone about your whereabouts and what route you intend to take at night. This makes it easier to track you if you get in trouble or end up on new (and potentially dangerous) streets.

Don’t Carry Heavy Items

If you love walking late at night, make sure your hands are free. If you have many items in your hands, put them in one backpack. Walking at night hands-free makes you more agile if you have to run for your life. It also reduces the risk of tripping and hurting yourself when running from danger.

Carry Non-Lethal Self Defense with You

Deterrents are essential items to carry when walking late at night. Items such as whistles and pepper spray can help you escape an attacker. For instance, you could blow a whistle when attacked or spray the attacker in the eyes.

Remember, don’t carry lethal weapons as deterrents. They could land you in trouble with the patrol authorities.

Take Self-Defense Classes

If you like walking late at night, you might find self-defense classes helpful. Having such skills will enable you to walk safe and feel safer in new environments. Also, beware of the environment when walking late at night. Avoid using your phone or plugging in your headphones in dark streets.

Get a Safe Walk App

Getting an app for safety when walking alone keeps you in constant touch with the authorities and emergency contacts in case of danger. It also enables them to track you down faster in an emergency.

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Last Update: 23 March 2024