Solo trips are riskier and more unexpected than regular journeys. But what if you could take all the stress and hassle out of traveling alone? What if you could only focus on your trip and enjoy the solitude you’ve been desperately looking forward to?

A personal safety app lets you enjoy traveling alone, and rest assured that your safety and security needs are being taken care of. With some planning and apps for travelers, you can make your travel as safe as possible.

This article features seven must-have safety apps for traveling to watch over you whenever you travel alone.

Solo Travel Safety Tips

When planning your next vacation, you may think of all the fun things you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to see. However, you may also want to make sure that you’re planning your trip so that you don’t get in trouble. 

Here are some safety tips to help keep you out of harm’s way while traveling independently:

  • Always trust your instincts. When traveling on your own, you have to be extra careful about the people you meet and get involved with. If you feel like something isn’t right, trust that instinct! Don’t ignore your gut feeling, and don’t let yourself get pressured into doing something that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Make sure your phone has a GPS tracker. If you get lost or are in trouble, the easiest way to let people know is by using your safe walk app GPS tracker feature. A GPS-enabled app will allow you to send an SOS message and your exact location to your friends and family. What’s more, it tracks your movements so your loved ones can see where you are at all times.
  • Have a backup plan. When traveling alone, it’s crucial to have a backup plan if something happens. Make sure to always have a solo traveler app with your destination marked on it and a list of emergency contacts (hotel staff, family members, or friends).
  • Share your itinerary with a friend or family. This is especially important if you’re traveling alone. Always let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. Don’t change your plans without telling them.
  • Always carry a copy of your passport or some form of identification. It can be difficult to get home if you lose your passport or something happens to it, so always have a copy on hand.
  • Stay alert. It’s easy to get distracted when traveling, but it’s vital to stay aware of what’s going on around you. If you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately and try to find a safer place.

Solo travel can be a great way to experience a new place. However, it requires planning and preparation to ensure that you’re not in danger after leaving home.

As promised, here are our top 7 apps to keep you safe whenever you take a trip alone.

7 Safety Apps Recommended for Solo Travelers

Do you prefer to travel alone? If so, you’ve probably spent a lot of time making sure your upcoming trip is as stress-free as possible. However, even the most organized people can book the wrong flight, miss a connection, or get lost. 

Fortunately, mobile apps can save you in emergencies. Almost two-thirds of travelers rely on mobile apps throughout their trip. Check out these seven apps for travelers for your next trip:

  1. Life 360 (Android, iOS)

With dangers lurking in the darkness, it’s easy to see why half of the women and one in seven men feel unsafe walking in dark, quiet streets. Life 360 is a safe walk app and your number one companion in such times.

You’ll have everything you need to make personal safety easier at home and on the go. Its comprehensive safety and coordination system includes live agents who will help you stay safe throughout your trip, 24/7 emergency dispatchers who will respond to any emergencies, and certified specialists who will help with your every need.

  1. bSafe (Android, iOS)

How often do you stumble upon a reliable app for safety when walking alone? bSafe is yet another safe walk app that never lets you travel alone. With bSafe, you have instant access to emergency alerts whenever you run into an emergency. 

You can also share your emergency situation with family and friends using the live stream and automatic recording feature.

  1. Sitata Travel Safe (Android, iOS)

Not all safety apps for traveling automatically provide real-time analysis of potential safety risks. With Sitata, you can watch over your safety and the safety of your loved ones wherever they are.

The travel safety app combines human analysts and artificial intelligence to track and monitor the world’s changes to show requirements and travel restrictions. If anything changes, you can always stay prepared ahead of time. 

Sitata also provides 24/7 global emergency assistance through chat, video, and phone at the tap of a button.

  1. AllsWell Alert App (Android, iOS)

Unfortunately, not all apps for safety provide coverage abroad. But when it comes to international coverage, no one does it better than the AllsWell Alert app. 

With the AllsWell Alert personal safety app, you get GPS alerts with a panic button and inactivity monitoring. The panic button solo traveler app feature shows excellent results when something urgent happens, and you can reach the phone to activate emergency alerts. After you click the panic button, SOS messages go to selected contacts and include your GPS location for quick help. 

On the other hand, the inactivity monitoring feature proves to be effective in emergencies when you cannot use the phone. It automatically sends alerts after the user doesn’t touch their device for too long. It can help if the traveler faints, loses their phone, becomes immobile because of an injury, etc.

  1. NordVPN (Android, iOS)

Safety and security don’t stop at physical health. With malicious hackers lurking in every corner of the globe, it’s essential to keep your data safe and secure with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

NordVPN is the perfect solo traveler app for online privacy and security. Its block trackers and malware protection make it easy to keep your online activity private and safe. Plus, its cloud-based file encryption ensures that your data is safe and secure whenever you’re on the go.

  1. Accuweather

We couldn’t resist adding weather apps to our list of apps for travelers. With the earth’s temperature rising by 0.14° F (0.08° C) per decade since 1880, it’s easy to see why travelers are ever at the mercy of the weather.

With Accuweather, you can access current weather reports and forecasts in-app and get information on AccuWeather’s COVID-19 map and tracker. Although the app won’t keep you safe in the storm, it provides weather updates to help you decide when it’s time to leave the hotel or stay indoors.

  1. First Aid

Chaos often happens in times of an emergency. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to respond to an emergency and what to do to manage a crisis. That’s where the First Aid personal safety app comes in.

First Aid is the perfect place to train your first-aid skills. With the integrated emergency numbers and support from the Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies, you can get help in seconds. 

First Aid has everything you need to keep yourself and those around you safe, including information on treating cuts, bruises, and other injuries.

When you travel, your main concern is how to make the most of your trip. As travel technology advances, we have to be even more proactive about our security. Thankfully, these few apps for safety are here to help you stay safe while you’re on the road.


Travel can be a lot of fun, but it is also risky. If you’re planning an extended trip by yourself or you’re a solo traveler looking to make sure that you’re staying as safe as possible, don’t forget to carry a travel safety app with you.

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Last Update: 23 March 2024