I’d make a bet right now that if your suffering hair loss, your hormones are off balance. And I’d make another bet that if you could correct the imbalance then your hair loss would stop, and your hair would start to regrow.

Hormones are like the messengers that activate and deactivate functions throughout every cell in our body. If for any reason our hormones are pushed out of balance (too much, too little or the wrong time) then the body starts to suffer and shows signs of imbalance.

For most of us we don’t see how our aliments are related to our hormones. And even when we realize our out-of-balance-hormones might be the problem we think that it’s the fault of our body or our genes and it’s out of our control.

Some people, however, have realized that far from faulty genes or just bad luck, out of balance hormones are environmentally induced, that is, we can correct them by changing the way we live. And just a few simple changes can make a whole lot of difference.

Why are hormones so important for hair loss?

You probably know by now that testosterone is the hormone that is converted to a more potent form inside the body called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s also widely accepted that DHT can go onto cause miniaturization of the hair follicle and eventually hair loss in men who are genetically predisposed. Hormones in general are essential for controlling vital bodily functions like stimulation and inhibition of growth, immune system, metabolism, reproduction, sexual arousal and so on.

What I’ve found is that poor sexual habits can result in hormonal imbalance, and we should correct them to minimize hair loss and maximize hair growth. We can even speed up the balancing process with a simple technique.

The thing is, to a significant extent, we can actually control our hormones.

Semen Circulation

Pretty cool name, huh?

Ejaculation control is the method through which we can push our hormones back into balance and re-grow our hair.

Here’s how!

The production of semen in the male body consumes a huge amount of energy; it is literally one’s life force.

Consequently if it is squandered by reckless ejaculation the body suffers with a loss of virility.

In some men excessive ejaculation doesn’t’ cause hair loss, the decreased virility can manifest itself in multiple ways. Since you’re reading this I can assume for you, it does have an effect. The good news is as soon as the changes to our habits are made the body’s hormonal system immediately goes to work repairing the previous damage. We can speed up the process with techniques shown in our hair loss course book.

Complete abstinence from sex would be entirely incompatible with most of our lives and is luckily not the answer. The best solution is frequent sex with infrequent ejaculation. This stimulates the body to secrete large amounts of hormones which then travel round the body (with the right technique) providing the health benefits, (without being lost via ejaculation.)

Completely refraining from ejaculation will usually result in wet dreams which are undesirable. The key to finding the correct emission frequency for you is to listen to your body. If an ejaculation leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and interested in further sex then you’ve hit the right spot.

To most people the idea of a man feeling refreshed and energized after ejaculation is unheard of and clearly shows how out of touch most people are with their bodies. If on the other hand your ejaculation makes you feel uninterested in your partner, tired, depressed and irritable then it’s better to increase the length of time between ejaculations or increase the frequency and duration of sex without ejaculation.

As an approximate rule of thumb take your age and divide by 4. This is the number of times you should aim to have sexual stimulation for every time you ejaculate. So a man in his forties could have sex on ten occasions and on the tenth he would ejaculate. This is of course, a target to be reached over a year or two and you can’t expect to achieve it instantly.

Another good rule of thumb is to ejaculate not more than twice monthly, but the ideal frequency varies with age. Moving beyond the idea of needing to ejaculate every time you have sex to make it an enjoyable practice is an important paradigm shift. But once you’ve seen the results, it won’t be hard to get the motivation. It’s just the initial change of habit which takes some will power and a willingness to experiment with different ideas.

When having intercourse, no matter how strong your urge to ejaculate may be when first practicing ejaculation control, hold on until the woman reaches orgasm. The urge will then start to diminish with the number of orgasms she has.

The reason as described in Taoist literature is this; as the woman orgasms she secretes Yin energy which is absorbed by the male, thus balancing his Yang polarity (horniness). ‘Normally’ the Yang polarity is balanced by the ejaculation, which relieves his ‘horniness’ but creates a net loss of energy and essence.

This way, the horniness is relieved but his energy and essence is increased due to the absorption of the woman’s essence. It’s a win-win situation and it’s extremely powerful and sexually fulfilling, not to mention amazing for preventing further hair loss and initiating the regrowth cycle through hormone cultivation.

Amongst other nutrients and minerals, semen is known to contain large amounts of zinc, which, if not wasted via ejaculation would go towards things like building strong, healthy hair. It also known that around 20% of semen is made from cerebrospinal fluid. This means excessive ejaculation will lead to a critical deficiency of cerebrospinal fluid leading to premature aging, impotence, and hair loss.

Keeping these vital elements circulating through the body instead of being wasted, when used in combination with the dietary recommendations that have been talked about, is the fastest way to super-charge new hair growth and prevent further loss.

Mantak Chia says it succinctly in his book ‘Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy.’ “If you’re observant, without knowing anything about oriental medicine, you can actually “see” people who have depleted themselves sexually. You see it in the face, the sallowness of the eyes and skin, and lackluster quality in the hair.”

It is also recommended to practice the art of ‘coming lightly,’ whereby 20-30% of the semen is preserved with every ejaculation, minimizing the loss of essence. To do this, instead of thrusting excitedly all the way through the orgasm, learn to ‘squeeze off’ the ejaculation mid-way through by deliberately and rhythmically contracting the anus and penile shaft.

This is an excellent technique because it allows for the pleasurable sensation of ejaculation, but retains enough semen to provide the required therapeutic effects. If you suffer from coming too soon, this technique will allow you the release but also give enough sexual energy so that the motivation for intercourse remains.

You can now continue to have sex for hours, be able to maintain an erection, but you won’t need to stop every few minutes for fear of coming. End the session without ejaculating to maximize the sexual drive for the next time. If you’re used to watching porn then the idea of coming lightly will be somewhat of a strange idea.

The Microcosmic Orbit

This is a term taken from Taoist parlance referring to the technique by which men circulate the vital hormones and sexual energy through the body’s energetic pathways.

If the microcosmic orbit is not understood and practiced then the body’s natural vital essences unconsciously flow downward from the brain, and are lost via ejaculation. The sexual energy tends to stagnate in the genitals, giving that ‘blue ball’ feeling which can lead to nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) and the overpowering need to ejaculate at every occasion. A lack of circulating sexual energies leads to a host of ailments such as premature aging, hair loss and even a slowing of mental capacity.

Practicing the orbit delivers the vital energy throughout the body, literally transmuting it into a ‘higher form.’ This higher form of energy is one of the keys to longevity which will stimulate the growth of new hair follicles as well as adding strength, thickness and colour to existing hairs.

Transmutation of sexual energy has been practised by Taoists for centuries as one of the key methods to preserve and cultivate good health. The fact that hair loss is occurring at an earlier and earlier age and with greater severity is no surprise when we take a step back and look at the excessive masturbation that most teenagers and young men partake in, especially with the rise of free and easily accessible internet pornography.

So what is the Microcosmic Orbit? This is basically a technique by which deep diaphragmatic breathing is used to ‘push’ and ‘circulate’ sexual energy through natural channels in the body. When the mind is in a calm state, and focused on the location of sexual energy, deep exhalation is used to drive the energy round the body.

On deep inhalation the energy remains where it is whilst the lungs are refilled, and then is pushed further round the channels on exhalation. After some practice one can clearly ‘feel’ the energy as it moves. The energy has been described as having a warm tingly and massaging affect as it moves.

A lot of words can be used to describe what is taking place, but in reality with a bit of practice the whole thing will occur spontaneously, intuitively and it will feel natural, so don’t get caught up in the words and terms used here.

There does need to be a reasonably high-level of sexual energy build- up before the orbit can take place. Usually this amounts to a couple of weeks without ejaculation. Although after a few hours of sexual stimulation without release is an excellent time to practice.

For most people the idea of sex as natural, healthy and healing has been so repressed, neglected and misunderstood that a build-up of sexual energy must either be immediately released, or completely repressed, but when we understand that it can be used to our advantage as a tool for health the benefits are huge, and hair regrowth is rapid.

The starting point of the orbit is the perineum which is located between the anus and the scrotum and is the usual place where stagnant sexual energy resides. Here energy will travel up past the coccyx and along the spine, firstly opposite the naval, then the solar plexus, then between the shoulder blades, up-to where the thoracic and cervical vertebrae meet.

From here it moves onto the base of the skull, then the crown of the head, down between the eyes and lastly through the cavity behind the palate. At this point the energy stops until it can flow back down the front of the body. For this to take place the tongue must be in contact with the roof of the mouth, allowing the energy to pass between the upper and lower jaw. Our aim is to stimulate hair growth so it’s beneficial as the energy flows through the crown of the head to consciously feel it spreading out and nourishing the hair follicles.

As this occurs you will feel the back, top and forehead relaxing but being energized at the same time. Once the gap across the upper and lower jaw has been bridged, energy continues to flow across the tongue down to the throat and into the heart, solar plexus and naval, where it links back up with the original point at the perineum, completing the orbit. This is how we can use our most powerful drive in life for healing and vitality purposes instead of wasting it via ejaculation that isn’t meant for procreation.

Advanced microcosmic orbit: dual cultivation

Dual cultivation takes the microcosmic orbit to the next level and is an excellent method to maximize the stimulation of new hair growth using your own hormones and your partners’ ‘yin’ hormones

This is a method that builds upon the microcosmic orbit so a good degree of practice is recommended beforehand. During love making partners can intersect their microcosmic orbits by touching tongues, whilst the man refrains from ejaculation and both partners use their breath to circulate their rising energies.

The connection at the ‘lower terminal’ between the genitals and the ‘upper terminal’ between the tongues creates an enhanced orbit. The balancing effect of the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ energies are particularly potent for renewing hair growth. Both partners must know how to ‘open’ their orbits solo before dual cultivation can take place. Of course it’s recommended only to practice with a long term partner since a degree of trust and patience is needed, and condoms inhibit the flow of energy. The health benefits for women in this case are also very exciting and youth providing.

This is a ‘don’t knock until you try it’ technique. Please don’t dismiss this as an abstract Eastern spirituality practice. It’s extremely powerful, easy and fun once you get the hang of it. And most importantly the results are concrete and very real. Just put aside any pre judgments and give it a go.

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