What men prefer in sex?


In the realm of sexual matters, the perception often prevails that men are more reserved in expressing their desires compared to women. However, a deeper exploration through virtual polls reveals a nuanced and diverse landscape of men’s wants and dreams. Let’s delve into the data and unravel the intricacies of men’s desires.

Unveiling the Leading Places:

According to virtual polls, the majority of men find arousal in elements such as latex underwear, striptease, and slow petting. Interestingly, women’s moans and exclamations during sex also rank high on the list. These preferences align with what might be considered average, steering clear of the extraordinary or extreme. Latex underwear, while not a common wardrobe choice for women, doesn’t overshadow the allure of white lace panties.

Challenging the myth of male egoism, men express a preference for a proper prelude to lovemaking, investing over 30 minutes in undressing, kissing, and petting. Contrary to the notion of a sizable group favoring fast sex, only about 7% fall into this category. The disconnect between complaints and male assurances about tenderness raises questions, highlighting the need for better communication.

The decibel power of “moans of passion” emerges as a crucial parameter of female sexuality for men. The belief is that such vocal expressions indicate male prowess, with silence considered less desirable. The diversity in women’s moans is acknowledged, emphasizing individuality.

Exploring the Middle Ground:

This category encompasses elements like kisses, porn films, specific positions, and oral sex. Men’s somewhat perplexed attitude toward the importance of kisses is juxtaposed with women’s view, where kisses often hold more significance than sexual intercourse. Preferences in sexual positions vary, with rear-penetration ranking high, challenging the traditional missionary position. The debate between traditional intercourse and oral sex reveals a nuanced perspective, recognizing the importance of both.

Identifying the Outsiders:

The list concludes with insights into erotic movies, conversations during sex, day sex, and women’s perceived shyness. Men’s preference for explicit and less emotional erotic content highlights the distinction between genres catering to male and female audiences. The aversion to discussions during sex, especially those introducing unrelated topics, underscores the need for post-coital conversations.

Sexologists’ recommendations for optimal sex timing face practical challenges, with evening sex gaining preference over morning counterparts. The notion that men are willing to fulfill women’s wishes is tempered by the need for clear communication, albeit with a touch of shyness.

Journey into Fantasy:

The exploration of men’s dreams and fantasies unveils intriguing elements. Threesomes emerge as a prevalent fantasy, with the third person varying from a friend to a strip-bar dancer. Desires for bondage reveal a willingness to explore power dynamics, both submitting and taking control. The desire to hear explicit offers for sex underlines the allure of vocal expression in the realm of fantasies.


In conclusion, the virtual polls on men’s desires present a diverse and nuanced landscape. From unconventional preferences to more traditional choices, men’s desires encompass a broad spectrum. The importance of communication, understanding, and mutual exploration becomes evident in navigating this intricate realm. Acknowledging the fluid nature of desire and fostering open dialogue can lead to a more fulfilling and connected intimate relationship.

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