What is in, or not in your blood is the single most important aspect of whether you lose or re-grow your hair. Blood contains/is made up of all the hormones (beneficial and harmful) oxygen, nutrients, mineral, enzymes, metabolic wastes and toxins.

An overview of detox for male pattern baldness

To cure hair loss naturally we must first make absolutely sure that our blood is carrying everything beneficial for hair growth, and has the smallest possible amounts of anything that will cause hair loss, or slow down the hair re-growth process.

We essentially want to make our blood ‘young’ again.

Think about it, if our blood was the same now as when we were young, before we started losing our hair, then we wouldn’t be losing our hair now.

SIDE NOTE: Find out if your hair loss is reversible naturally, using detox and other natural methods, by taking the 6 part quiz at the bottom of this page.

Getting the bad stuff out

It has been said that the greatest advance in medicine and human health was the idea of waste disposal. Before the concept of waste disposal even came about, human excrement and food waste was allowed to fester in close vicinity to our homes and living spaces and was a breeding ground for disease of all kind.

After the invention of waste disposal systems, populations grew rapidly, and health and life expectancy increased rapidly

People realised that if the waste disposal system, like sewerage works or garbage collection stopped, it would increase the chances of catching a disease and becoming ill.

Consequently it became the highest priority, when the systems of waste disposal stopped working that they were quickly fixed and working at full efficiency again.

Humans are similar in a way, we have our waste disposal systems, a biological sewerage system, such as our excretory organs, and they must regularly be serviced and maintained correctly so they can function efficiently .

And just like the waste disposal systems of modern towns, maintaining them in good condition, so they operate quickly, cleanly and efficiently, is a priority for good functioning of our bodies.

When the waste disposal system fails, the sewerage quickly backs-up and affects the organism as a whole.

In fact, most of our excretory systems are working very poorly, mainly because over the course of our lives we’ve been putting either too much food, or the wrong type of food into it and we’ve forgotten to clean it out.

Many of the foods we eat are such poor quality and badly combined that, instead of digesting, they putrefy and ferment.

This putrid mess then travels to the intestines, but our bodies don’t want to absorb these foods so they coat the digestive tract in a mucus which prevents the absorption into the bloodstream. (This is one of the primary reasons even obese people are chronically malnourished.)

If this happens once or twice a month, then it’s usually not a problem. But our poor diets mean it happens all day, every day, and the result is a thick lining of mucus on the digestive tract which prevents the passage of nutrients into the bloodstream and excretion of wastes out of the body.

A diet lacking fibrous bulk from a fruit and vegetable based diet contributes more to the problem, because there is nothing continually sweeping out the intestines.

The result is chronic toxaemia, a gradual build-up of toxins (i.e. waste) throughout every cell and tissue in the body. It’s comparable to the sewerage system of a village breaking and the village becoming flooded with waste, only to continue to add more, without fixing the problem.

Don’t you think the grass on the village green would quickly die!

Why Toxaemia Can Make Hair Loss Worse

In the Tao of Detox, Daniel Reid lists hair loss in men as one of the most common symptoms of toxaemia.

Thus it would follow that by removing the build-up of toxic materials in the blood and tissue the hair loss is reversed and returned to its natural state of fullness and youthfulness

In my experience, through treating hair loss in myself and helping other people, toxaemia is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, causes of hair loss, male pattern baldness, receding hair lines, (whatever you call it) in men today.

Toxins, as well of lack of proper nutrition, also known as ‘beige diet‘ is also a reason for premature greying.

Once we shift away from the idea that hair loss is hereditary and therefore out of our control, towards taking responsibility for ourselves, it becomes obvious that detox is one of the most effective ways to reverse hair loss.

Yes some men are predisposed to hair loss and receding hair lines much more than other men, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

We’re are still the ones who are causing it and we still have the power to reverse hair loss. It’s not in the best interests of the drug companies who sell propecia and finasteride for men to realise this because it’s such a simple solution that would make these drugs obsolete.

Imagine completely cleaning out your body from all the accumulated toxic build-up over the years, to find new hair growth on previously bald patches of scalp, as well as existing hair becoming much thicker, with more gloss and strength.

Someone’s own toxicity might not be directly related to the amount of hair on their head, because toxaemia tends to manifest differently in different people.

For some people it’s acne, in some it manifests as psychological problems such as depression or dementia, still others in extreme cases get arthritis or cancer and the list goes on.

The good thing is it only takes 7 days for the majority of the toxins in our bodies to be flushed out, allowing the hair regrowth cycle to commence.

The program detailed here lasts seven days and I recommend doing it it once per year, as a minimum to keep the ‘sewerage system’ in excellent working order.

It really is exciting to know that the power to create new hair growth is in your hands and is directly related to if you take action on this advice.

What Is Detox?

Man eating an unhealthy burger

Detox stands for detoxification, and is a period of time over which the body activates its natural healing mechanisms by pouring toxins stored in the cells and tissues back into the bloodstream for elimination through the kidneys and other organs.

When we consume food, the body concentrates its’ energy on digesting and assimilating the food, it has no time or energy for eliminating the toxic substances that build-up because of less than ideal dietary habits.

In nature, animals naturally stop eating when they’re sick, and isolated tribes still have sick-houses where patients refrain from consuming food.

The problem is that whilst we continue to consume unhealthy foods or any food at all, our bodies can’t begin to purge the toxins because they must deal with the activities of digestion.

When digestion is ceased for 24-48 hours the body flicks a switch which sets the organisms into the parasympathetic mode of rest and recovery and begins to purge to toxins into the bloodstream for elimination.

During this period there can be up to ten times the normal amount of toxins in the blood, which means you will certainly feel low.

This is a sign that the detox is working its magic, the worse you feel in that day 2- 5 period the more effect the detox is having, and the more good it will do for you and your receding hair.

It takes about 7 days to completely rid the body of accumulated toxins. So don’t make the mistake many first time fasters make of eating something to pick up their mood.

This might cease the discomfort, but that’s only because the body has switched back into digestion mode and the therapeutic effects of toxin elimination are lost. Stay with it until the end of the 7 days and you’ll have never felt so good.

A complete 7 day detox should precede any major dietary changes.

This not only makes it easier to implement new dietary habits, because most of the cravings have gone and there is a blank slate of food desires, but also because without the detox much of the good new foods that are being digested simply cannot be properly assimilated because the digestive tract is covered in mucus and putrefied waste preventing absorption.

Before adding new oil to and engine, it makes sense to remove the dirty oil first.

I’m going to explain two different methods of detox. The first is the ideal method. It’s proven by far the most effective way to cleanse the entire body of all the accumulated toxins and give the colon a thorough clean to remove the lining of mucus and waste matter.

However, it might not be easy for the first time detoxer, because it involves no food for a week, and because so many toxins enter the bloodstream from the cells and tissues, days 3-5 can be particularly uncomfortable.

Therefore I will provide a beginner detox method, which is less strenuous, and it’s easier to stick to for the full week. This method is a compromise, but it will still produce great results.

If you are a first time detoxer then I would recommend this method first, and once you’re comfortable with it you can go onto a full 7 day fast.

Stop Hair Loss in 7 days- Method 1

Method 1 is a full 7 day fast. That means no food whatsoever for 7 days. Only five things will be consumed during the 7 days. These are:

  1. 2 litres of water per day
  2. Ground psyllium seed powder
  3. Bentonite clay
  4. Greens supplements
  5. Herbal teas

These five things have been chosen specifically to maximise the cleansing, cleaning and purifying effect of the detox. Let’s take a look at each ingredient individually, why it’s on the list and how to consume it, in what quantities.


This is the most important detox ingredient of them all because it is such a powerful solvent and carrier of toxins and harmful hormones like excess DHT. (Learn about the best way to naturally block DHT here.)

The water will literally flush your entire body through carrying as many toxins as it can with it. I very highly recommend using the alkalized, ionized and micro-clustered water. There is evidence that tap water can cause hair loss so it’s important that your source of water be as pure as possible.

It sounds high tech and expensive but it’s very easy to make by attaching a small machine to your kitchen tap. For detox purposes it’s much more effective at removing toxins than ordinary tap water.

You should drink at least 2 litres of water every-day, although you can happily drink more. Herbal teas and other ingredients do not count towards the 2 litres, they are additional to it.

Ground psyllium seed powder

This is a special type of bulking fibre, made from ground psyllium seeds and husks. The purpose of this ingredient is to sweep through the bowels clearing and de-clogging the putrid waste and slime in its path.

Take one teaspoon and mix with 300ml of water, shake well and drink down. Repeat this four times at regular intervals throughout the day.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite molecules are 500 times smaller than water molecules so they can reach into the crevices and folds of the colon where water cannot penetrate.

At the same time each molecule carries a strong negative charge that allows it to absorb and then carry away up-to 200 times its own weight in toxins. It is the ultimate ‘magnetic’ toxin sponge.

Add one teaspoon of the clay to water and drink immediately. Bentonite clay (which is often used by marijuana smokers to detox from the THC-COOH metabolite) should be used 4 times per day, after every psyllium powder drink.

Greens Supplements

Greens supplements are powders made from the concentrated and refined juices of grasses, vegetables, roots, algae and water plants. They are highly alkalizing (something that you can learn about in the hair loss course) whilst being instantly digestible.

This is important since during detox we must aim to minimise the amount of energy used for digestion so that it can be used for toxin elimination.

Green supplements contain all the nutrients, micro-nutrients and minerals of the plants from which they are made in the most easily accessible form.

They also contain highly concentrated amounts of chlorophyll which is a compound almost identical to haemoglobin (the oxygen carrying molecule in blood) so it’s a great way to cleanse the blood.

Greens supplements are highly recommended during a detox, because they provide the only source of nutrition that can be used for healing cells during the 7 days without interrupting the cleaning process.

Take as much as recommended by the manufacturer by mixing with water and drinking. There are many different types of greens supplements available online, choose one that you like and suits your budget.

I personally recommend Dr Schulze’s Organic Superfood Plus Powder by Herbs Hands Healing. Another great product which is more expensive but probably the best on the market is Vitamineral Green by HealthForce Nutritionals.

Herbal Teas

Theaflavin from tea can lower DHT

Herbal teas can be used to speed up and enhance the effectiveness of any detox program.

The different herbs can also be targeted specifically for different organs in the body that need the most help, and for our purposes the liver will be the most beneficial to target to stop hair loss.

This is because the liver is used to clean the blood, and remove hormones such as DHT from the bloodstream.

When the liver isn’t working well, much of the DHT can’t be eliminated through the liver so it’s sent to the skin, for example, where it can cause hair loss. Dandelion and milk thistle are the best herbs that can be used to cleanse the liver.

Another herb I recommend using is valerian and passion flower which helps to sooth the nerves and reduce stress, which can be greater than normal during the 7 days. Sage tea also comes highly recommended as an excellent general detox herb.

A good choice is simply to find which ones you like since almost all are highly alkalizing and detoxifying. Drink as many herbal teas as you desire throughout the day.

Colonic Irrigations

By far the most effective way to quickly remove the deeply impacted mucus lining the colon is to use, twice daily 20 litre, colonic irrigations.

To most people the idea of a colonic irrigation seems so strange that they fail to seriously consider it as a technique to promote health and reverse hair loss. But then most people don’t understand just how poorly and inefficiently their digestive and waste disposal systems are functioning, and how much better they could be.

Nowadays the colon is so clogged by the effects of indiscriminate eating habits that it barely resembles the colons seen in anatomy books, and functions so inefficiently that it’s no wonder most humans suffer from an ever growing number of ailments and diseases from hair loss to cancer.

The colon is so important to health and hence maintaining healthy hair because it allows us to use all the good things we put into our body, but also to eliminate the waste products.

If it is clogged, or coated with a layer of slime and mucus, neither of these processes can take place very well, and toxaemia results

It’s highly unfortunate that so many people won’t even try colonic irrigations, since they’re so easy and so effective.

The whole medical industry including multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are particularly grateful for the taboo surrounding colonic irrigations and that so few people use them.

They are hoping it stays this way because if it became commonplace they would simply go out of business. Colonic irrigations literally flush the system through releasing an astounding amount of gunk from the walls of the colon.

In a single session around 5 gallons of warm water is passed through the colon, and this is done twice per day for seven days. Enough to thoroughly clean and detoxify the entire body.

You can go to a trained therapist at a special centre to get colonic irrigations, but a much better option is to administer them yourselves using a home kit such as a Colema Board.

They are very safe, effective, hygienic and cheap to use. You will be amazed at what comes out, but you won’t be surprised at how good you feel after 7 days, after seeing what’s leaving the body for good.

The seven day detox is the first action step that is advised in this book. It’s the most effective way to get rid of the toxic build-up that is at the root of almost all hair loss. The vast majority of men suffering from hair loss will immediately and significantly benefit from this.

The detox also creates a completely new slate on to which the rest of the action steps are ‘written.’ The subsequent steps are much easier and much more effective once the detox has been completed.

Method 2: The compromise solution (1st time detoxers)

Method 2 is almost the same as method 1 except that a few more ingredients are added to the list of supplements. Everything else is kept the same, including the five detox supplements and their amounts and timings, and the colonic irrigations.

Method 2, however, will add another 5 ingredients to the list of things that can be consumed during the 7 days, these are:

  1. Vegetable juice and almond milk
  2. Celtic sea salt
  3. Coral calcium
  4. Lemon and lime juice
  5. Cayenne

These extra 5 ingredients to the detox will make it much easier to complete the entire 7 days because there is plenty of additional nutrients, enzymes and minerals added, but the digestive burden is still kept to a minimum. Let’s take a look at the ingredients individually

Vegetable Juice and Almond Milk

A vegetable juicing machine

For the purposes of the compromise detox diet, vegetable juices are perfect. They contain no fibre so they require no energy to digest, but they are full of living enzymes, with tonnes of nutrients and minerals as well.

I add almond milk to my detox juices because it contains compounds used specifically for hair growth, and it also tastes amazing.

The almond is the only nut that should be used during the detox because unlike most nuts it has an alkalizing effect not an acidifying one. Learn more about using almond oil to reverse hair fall here.

You should experiment before the detox to find which combination of vegetables you like the best, however once the 7 days have started it’s best not to change the combinations too much.

I recommend including a combination of these vegetables, carrot, celery and cucumber. These three will make up the bulk of the juice.

Then you can add other ingredients to taste, such as beetroot, radish, sweet potatoes, ginger, courgette and ginger . If you’re feeling particularly brave throw a couple of garlic cloves in the juicer as well.

It doesn’t taste very good at all, but it does your body a lot of good and has been proven to help hair growth.

I recommend avoiding raw cruciferous vegetables since they contain goitrogens which could even make hair loss worse.

Find your favourite combination of vegetables and stick mainly to this, to minimise digestive requirements. Drink the juice as often as you like, whenever you feel hungry.

You can also add some of the other supplements to the drink such as cayenne, sea salt, calcium and greens, but don’t’ add lemon or lime. (They don’t mix well and should be taken on an empty stomach)

Celtic Sea Salt

Sea salt contains every mineral and trace element known and as yet unknown needed by humans, in the correct proportions.

It therefore makes an excellent supplement and Celtic sea salt is harvested in a way that preserves all of these minerals in a way the body can easily assimilate.

Take a quarter of a teaspoon of Celtic sea salt and dissolve in a glass of water once per day.

Coral Calcium

Calcium is the most powerful alkalizing mineral in the world, and is involved in the most important metabolic reactions in the body, as well as tissue regeneration and growth. Coral calcium is the best source of calcium that’s easy to digest, and is easy to get hold of.

Dissolve the powder in water and take every-day according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Lemon and lime juice

Both raw lemon and lime juice are highly alkalizing, cleansing and require no digestion so they’re perfect for detox purposes. The juices can be mixed with water (no added sugar) and sipped throughout the day, with the exception of being within one hour after drinking vegetable juice.


Cayenne peppers in a bowl

Cayenne is a very effective healing herb which helps increase circulation and speed up the detox process, whilst balancing and stabilising other vital bodily functions. It’s also highly alkalizing. Take two capsules daily stirred into warm water.

Seven Days

Here’s what you can expect from each day in a 7 day detox. It’s the same for method 1 and 2, except in method 1 you take ingredients 1-5 and in method 2 you take ingredients 1-10.

Day 1: The first day is easy, take the supplements and complete 2, 20 litre colonic irrigations. The body has yet to flip the switch and start pouring toxins into the bloodstream.

Day 2: By the middle of today, about 36 hours after the start of the detox the body will start its search and destroy mission for toxins, cancerous cells, bacteria and viruses in the cells and tissues. It will begin dismantling toxic deposits in the joints and organs. They will begin to enter the bloodstream en masse.

Consequently you may start to feel tired, headachy and irritable. The toxins enter the bloodstream much faster than they can be eliminated through the kidneys so they continue to circulate round the body causing discomfort.

There’s no way to detox without going through this discomfort but the results in the long-term are more than worth it.

Day 3: More toxins are pumped into the bloodstream from every tissue in the body which has become highly toxic over the years. Day 3 is when most first time detoxers throw in the towel and quit.

However this is unfortunate because they were so close to feeling the benefits of the detox, but not quite.

Don’t make another mistake that is often made of eating anything not in the supplement list. It may stop the uncomfortable detox symptoms, but it will also stop the healing process and you will have to start again.

Day 4: This may be the hardest day because of the quantity of toxins in the blood. The toxin elimination process is in full swing, and consequently you may feel particularly uncomfortable much like a heavy hangover.

The body will try to rid toxins through whatever means necessary resulting in bad breath and terrible smelling sweat. The more ill and uncomfortable you feel today, the more toxins your body is flushing out, and the better and more good the detox is doing for you.

At the end of this day the peak of discomfort will have passed and from now on you will feel better and better with every hour.

Day 5: For most detoxers from here on it gets easier and easier as the kidneys begin to eliminate toxins faster than the body is putting them into the bloodstream. By the end of today you will start have a clear mind and positive outlook, you will feel light, supple, flexible and revived.

Day 6: You will really start to feel the benefits of the detox today, with growing energy and mental clarity and growing strength. It’s important to continue the supplements and colonic irrigations through to the last few days, since this is often where the most disgusting and putrid waste comes out.

Day 7: By now, having seen what has come out of your body from the colonic irrigations and your subsequent strength, well-being and mental clarity you might be convinced that the detox was incredibly beneficial.

You may understand how having such an abundance of toxins in the cells and tissues and such a mass of horrible waste in the colon would inevitably cause hair loss, and lead to long-term illness.

You may not even be hungry for food, and may be motivated to continue on another day of the detox to see how much more waste can be removed with colonic irrigations, and this is fine.

Congratulations, you’ve had the open-mindedness, will power and courage to do something almost no-one else can do. Your body and hair will reap the rewards for the next year because of this.

Post Detox

Post detox is an important time because we have the opportunity to restore the digestive tract with so called ‘friendly bacteria.’

Friendly bacteria are important for the proper digestion and assimilation of the food that we eat, thus having the wrong bacteria can lead to nutrient deficiency, auto-intoxication and aggravated immune response, all important factors that must be cured before hair loss can be reversed.

In most of the population the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria is about 1:5 but after the detox the gut has been swept clean by the psyllium powder and bentontie clay removing all bacterial colonies. So now is the perfect time to introduce friendly bacteria back into the gut.

The best way to restore friendly bacterial colonies is to take a lactobacteria supplement.

Acidopholus bifidus is an excellent choice but be sure to buy one that is of good quality and remains potent whilst being stored, otherwise the friendly bacteria would have died by now.

Keep taking the lactobacteria supplement for 2 weeks after the detox. You can read more about the importance of the micro biome for hair loss prevention here.

End the detox by consuming cooked vegetables or mild fruit, avoid animal products for the first day or so.

Now is an excellent time to start a new diet that is free from processed foods because your body will not crave these foods so much, and by now you’ve seen the damage they do to your body.

Find out about the best foods for fast hair growth here.


There’s no doubting that a 7 day detox, both the ideal and compromise methods, are not easy. They aren’t the magic pill solution that we might be used to.

However the results, in terms of reversing hair loss, and overall health and vitality are in my experience, and from what other men have told me, absolutely worth it.

One of the primary reasons that the percentage of men who suffer hair loss increases with age is that the older someone becomes, the thicker the lining of mucus on the colon becomes.

I mean how many friends do you know that complete yearly fasts and colonic irrigations?

This means absorption of beneficial nutrients and elimination of poisonous toxin from the blood becomes worse whilst the leaking of toxins into the bloodstream becomes greater.

Of course, if you use the method in our course, for all intents and purposes you will have your colon functioning at the same efficiency as a ten year old child (very good) and it won’t get worse with age.

Do a 7-day detox with colonic irrigations and chosen supplements once per year and you will keep your entire digestive tract in great shape.

You’ll age much slower, effectively cure your hair loss, and reduce the chances of chronic diseases like cancer by 1/5 or more. In the next post I will show you a secondary benefit that comes from the 7 day detox, it’s about heavy metals and hair loss.

I think you’ll find it very interesting and motivating.

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